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Mood Lighting & Additional Services

As well as a standard disco, we can also supply various add-ons that transform a great party into something totally unforgettable. Even if you don’t want the services of our DJs and have your own entertainment planned, we are happy to supply lighting or a dancefloor for your event, either on a rental basis or fully installed.

Mood Lighting

To make your wedding or party even more memorable, mood uplighting can transform a venue, turning the most uninspiring hall into something dramatic and beautiful rooms and venues into a visual wonderland. From cool greens and blues to add an air of sophistication, through romantic pinks and lilacs, to fiery and vibrant orange and red hues, uplighting can really help set the mood of your event. To achieve this minor miracle, we use LED parcan luminaires to wash the venue with colour. The colour palette they can achieve is virtually limitless – around 60,000 different shades, created by mixing red, green and blue elements in varying degrees. This allows us to match almost any colour scheme around which your event might be themed. By skilful placing of fixtures, already impressive surroundings can be enhanced by highlighting architectural features, raising them to even greater splendour. If you want something more dynamic than a static colour throughout the evening, they can be programmed to subtly fade back and forth between two or more colours, chase through their entire gamut, or even dance in time to the beat of the music.
Kent Event and Party Lighting
The uplighters we use are totally silent, are extremely energy efficient and run cool making them safe from small inquisitive hands!

Decorative Lighting in Kent

An increasingly popular way of adding a Wow factor to your party or event is by the use of fairy lights. We can install these in most venues and marquees, creating sparkling false ceilings, wrapped around pillars or as a curtain backdrop. Our lights are high quality commercial grade, not cheap Christmas fixtures, which are linkable and can be used both indoors or outdoors. They come in standard bright white or the softer warm white colour.
Decorative Lighting for your Party or Event in Kent
In addition we can also supply traditional festoon lighting to illuminate halls or patios. These are, again, fully waterproof and can be used outdoors in any weather, as well as indoors.


Dance Floors

 To add ultimate glitz to your party, there is nothing to beat a purpose built dance floor. We can arrange the supply of various types, chosen to suit the mood of your particular event, from a traditional parquet wooden floor to popular LED illuminated types. Floors are modular and can be laid in various square or rectangular sizes to fit your venue. All are professionally installed by experienced technicians and supplied with safety edging strips. As a rough rule of thumb, you need just over 2 foot square area for every guest, so for a party with 100 guests, you will need a floor measuring between 14ft and 16ft square in size.

Starlight Dance Floors
Starlight Dance Floors in Kent
Our most popular style, these floors come in either white or black and have a series of tiny twinkling LEDs that simulate a galaxy of stars, creating a truly breathtaking spectacle. These are ideal for weddings or other events where you want to create a romantic or magical atmosphere.

Chequerboard Dance Floors
Chequerboard Dance Floors 
The classic chequer board floor is ideal to create an air sophistication. Perfect for a ball or corporate function.


Parquet Dance Floors
The traditional and most economic flooring available, with a shiny wooden finish.

Architectural Lighting in Kent

Architectural Lighting for your Party or Event in Kent
Taking Mood Lighting to the next stage, we can also light the outside of your venue, as well as the inside, creating a dramatic appearance to the façade of a building, it’s architectural features, or even garden sculptures and trees and shrubs. Our fixtures can be set to almost any colour and are totally waterproof so can be left outside for a period, whatever the weather.


Monogram or Logo Projection - Kent Lighting

Monogram or Logo Projection Lighting in KentWe can project an elegant customised monogram of a bride and groom’s names or initials, a company logo or even a pattern to set a mood onto the dance floor, ceiling or the walls of a hall or marquee. This can also be animated to rotate or move around the room. Traditionally this is in white, but other colours are also possible. We also offer a full design service to create the gobo.




Performer and Band Lighting

Performer and Band Lighting in KentWe have considerable experience in lighting singers, bands and other entertainment acts playing at weddings, parties or other functions. This can be provided either as a standalone service or when they may be performing alongside our DJs. We have a full performance lighting rig available, including stage wash lights, spot lights, moving heads, and video projection, alongside our more conventional party lighting. It can be hung from self-supporting lighting bars and truss, if space in the venue allows. We use computerised lighting software to create an impressive light show, either in advance or in real time, to enhance their performance.


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