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Sound Hire: Choosing speakers for your event in Kent

Choosing the speakers for your event can be both daunting and confusing if you have no experience in this area. We offer a wide range of different types of speaker systems (or PA as they are sometimes known) to suit almost every situation and budget. These been carefully chosen for their sound quality – commonly our speakers are widely recognised as being amongst the best in their class; reliability – we only use speakers from established and trusted manufacturers; cost effectiveness – allowing us to rent at the keenest prices; and ease of use – all our speakers are ‘active’ which means they have inbuilt amplification so you have less cabling and boxes to carry around.
We are always very happy to advise on the most suitable arrangements for your particular circumstances, but we hope this brief guide should give you a bit of a head start in making your choice.
How to Assess What Speakers You Need

There are many variables to consider when deciding on the best PA system for your event:
• The type of event you are holding

Whether hosting a party with recorded music, a band or performer playing live music, a reception with background music or a meeting, presentation, theatrical production or corporate event where speech is the most important element, different types of speaker system are more effective in producing the best results (although there is a degree of cross over). We have systems which work best in all these categories.

• The size of venue in which the event is taking place and whether it is indoors or outdoors

The size of the room in which the event is taking place is one of the major considerations when assessing the speaker system you need to adequately cover the audience. A small room can be comfortably filled by a modest PA whereas a large hall will need much more amplification to cover the space. Also it is important to remember that if the event is taking place outdoors, you will need between 50 to 100% more sound pressure to cover the same area to achieve the same volume as there is no reinforcement supplied by the walls and ceiling.

• The size of the audience

This is also linked to the above – the larger the audience the more amplification is going to be required to create sufficient sound. An audience of 200 in a medium sized hall will require more sound than an audience of 100 in the same space – it is surprising how much sound energy is absorbed by the bodies of the guests.

• The style of music you are going to play

For a party where you are playing standard pop or light rock music you will commonly get away with a pair of full range top speakers, whereas a DJ playing bass heavy dance music such as house, dubstep or hip-hop will need extra low end reinforcement with one or two sub-woofers. A solo performer, an acoustic duo or a classical string quartet, for instance, will be comfortable with a small system, but a heavy rock band will need significant bass reinforcement with a pair or two pairs of sub-woofers.

• The amount of space you have for the speakers

When they need to be used in a very confined environment we can supply compact systems whose performance belies their diminutive size.

• Your budget

Where we list two or more styles of speakers that cover the same audience size but are differently priced, the general rule is that the higher the price the better the quality.

All of the above have an effect on the most suitable speakers for your event. Below are a series of diagrams giving you a guide as to which speakers we would recommend. In every case they are for a pair of speakers or a system unless stated. These should only be considered as guidelines, however, as every room or venue has it’s own specific acoustics which can affect the level of sound required. If you can supply us with the details of your event we are happy to offer advice over the phone or via e-mail as to what will be the best fit for your particular circumstances.


Recorded Music

Help Choosing Speakers - Recorded Music



Live Music

Help Choosing Speakers - Live Music



Speech & Background Music

When considering systems for speech and background music it is often better to use multiples of smaller speakers rather than one or two very loud ones, assuming circumstances permit. This enables a more even spread of sound to be achieved around the audience without overpowering those closest to a single source. All our systems are linkable and we can supply long cables or even wireless connections between them to transmit the signal.

Help Choosing Speakers - Speech and Background Music


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