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Equipment - Quality Sound System, Computerised Lighting...

It is our aim to offer a top quality service at all times and an important part of this comes from the professional quality equipment we use for your event. We have invested significantly in ensuring that our sound, playback and lighting is of the highest order, all supplied by leading manufactures in their field, such as Electrovoice, Denon, Martin, Abstract, Prolight, Advanced Event Designs, Litec, Optikinetics and MobilTech. For the more technically minded, the following gives a few details on the type of equipment we might use for your event. Rest assured, however, that there is no need for you to have any technical knowledge at all, as we will always supply what is most suitable for your specific event having consulted with you to discover your wishes.

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Sound Equipment...

Quality sound...We tailor our sound system to your chosen venue. For a house-party or small hall, we will normally use a 2.1 powered system with small satellite speakers powered by a compact sub-woofer, ensuring high quality full range sound. These will comfortably cope with audiences of up to 80 or 100 people. For a larger hall, we would normally use high power 12” active tops matched to a single subwoofer, which reinforces the bass signal and gives more presence to the sound. For larger venues still or for marquees, we can add a further subwoofer, and in exceptional situations a further pair of 12” or 15” active speakers to further boost the sound output. Although our speakers will cope with very loud volumes if required, we generally prefer to ensure that sound is kept at a comfortable level, whilst all the time remaining crystal clear. Our current speaker systems are supplied by some of the world’s leading PA manufacturers, who provide concert sound for many of the globe’s top acts.

Playback Equipment...

Mobile Disco/Party equipment...To playback music we can use either CDs or digital files – our systems are able to read files from computer or external hard drives, USB sticks or iPods in all the major formats. A major benefit of this is the ability to prepare a playlist in advance on a specific theme, incorporating your requests (see Your Party page). Another is the ability to almost instantly search through in excess of 50,000 files to find that particular track that perfectly meets the mood of the audience, whilst keeping the party in top gear.

Equipment - Quality Sound System, Computerised Lighting...

We will consult with you in advance to confirm what will suit your particular event – whether you are looking for the appearance of a sophisticated jazz lounge with minimal discreet effects, a full-on nightclub experience, or, as is most popular, somewhere in between. We have a collection of more than forty lighting effects, far in excess of what could possibly be needed for even the largest of events. Why the need for this apparent overkill? Simply we have lighting to suit every possible occasion, to create the perfect mood that you are looking for.

We offer a wide range of different styles of lighting, from moving heads for a concert type effect, scanners and barrels that move synchronised light beams and gobos across the dance floor, moonflowers for graceful or frantic rotating patterns, a high output kaleidoscope fixture, to new low energy LED style effects and par cans for single but changeable colour beams. All of the lighting can be set to automatically operate in time with the music, or pre-programmed with patterns or adjusted on the fly using a state of the art software controlled virtual lighting desk.

In addition, we can also offer a laser show of moving fans, tubes and tunnels in multiple colours or smaller cluster style lasers for a more subtle but equally memorable effect.

We can also offer full room uplighting to completely transform the look of your venue before, during and after our set (see Mood and Event Lighting page).

Other Effects...

Haze & Fog Effects

We also offer the option of haze and fog machines, to heighten the effect of the lights, revealing the beams, whilst creating a truly fantastic atmosphere. Our haze effect creates a subtle mistiness in the atmosphere, whereas our vertical fogger creates a more dense cloud, shooting up to 3 metres into the air in a dramatic burst. A further option is a low level fogger, similar to dry ice, which cloaks the floor in a mystical layer, and creates the illusion of walking through clouds. This is particularly popular for weddings, and for Halloween and Christmas parties.

The output from all of these devices is totally harmless, using water and non-carbon based fluids. It is not akin to smoke in any way other than the look, so if used responsibly will have no affect on smoke or fire-alarms, cause no breathing problems, or leave any discernible residue. Their use, however, is dependent upon agreement with the venue’s management (where appropriate).


Disco Oil Wheel...
To create an authentic 60’s and early 70’s psychedelic atmosphere, nothing can beat oil wheels and cassette projection. Using venerable Solar 250 projectors, which were amongst the fore-runners in this field and are still manufactured today due to the unmatched excellence of their design, wheels in either vivid or more subtle colours bring the walls or ceilings of any house or hall alive with bubbles and artefacts. Although an old effect, some of the more modern wheels are nothing like those seen in their heyday and are truly energized and spectacular. Cassettes creating swirly patterns can be projected over the top of the wheels to complete the retro effect.

View Video... Video Demo: Bubblevision Oil Wheel

View Video... Video Demo: Solar250 Cassette Effects

We also have other projection wheels which are more figurative, which can create water, fire, clouds, zodiac, leaves or many other stage like effects. We can also project gobos which feature logos, initials of marrying couples or other messages such as “Happy Birthday”.

Further examples of Liquid and Kinetic lighting can be found on our YouTube channel

Other disco effects available...

In addition to those listed above, we can also supply other effects such as mirror balls, flame lights, bubble machines, snow machines and confetti canons, where specific events dictate. Please ask for further details.

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